Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fernando the Pear!

Who could have thought a pear, with all its delicious, juicy, grainy goodness, could also be CUTE?!

Fernando Plushie Pear

Made by janiexy, this pear is one of those things you can't look at without smiling. janiexy also has a tomato, a strawberry, an orange and an eggplant among her super cute plushies.
And even better, until Valentine's Day, she's offering a free Ramses with a purchase over $35.

I so want a Fernando.

LONGCAT: The scarf!

"In the beginning ceiling cat said let there be long and it was good" - The Interwebs

Longcat is really, really long.

No, I mean REALLY long.

Either you get it or you don't. But most likely, you do.
And if you don't, you probably have never been on a forum in your life. And so this post, my dear, neglected friend, is not for you.

For the rest of us, who worship Ceiling Cat and bow down to the powers of longness that is Longcat, I present:

Longcat Scarf

From the author of I Feel Twitchy comes meganhasissues on Etsy, who asks, "I can has art school?"

Yes, meganhasissues, you can has art school, if you continue creating such fantasic things such as this!!
She also has Basement Cat, Cheshire Cat, Pocket sloths, comics, and more for your consideration!

In my opinion, meganhasissues is full of epic win.


Etsy is absolutely littered with resin pendants. Sprinkles, glitter, beads, tiny figurines, and more all grace the inside of these pendants. Anything tiny can now become part of jewelry (or a keychain, or a zipper pull, or a...)
I should know. I now own the supplies to make my own, and I realize the intense competition out there.

However, this one is the most fun I've seen yet:

Gonzo Muppet Pendant

EllaArts, there are no words to describe how AWESOME this is.
Now, if only I could find some Camilla earrings to wear with this.


No such luck. Any takers on the idea?

Also, be sure to visit EllaArt's blog, here on blogspot, where she's hosting a giveaway of some terribly cute earrings!

Big Bad Wolf Hat

Not only is talk2thetrees incredibly gorgeous, she's also incredibly talented!

Big Bad Wolf Hat

talk2thetrees has made the grade with this one. Everywhere we turn these days, we see hats, hoodies, headbands, and caps with teddy bear and cat ears. talk2thetrees had the right idea and made a wolf hat instead!
She also has flapper headbands, feather headbands, and the most beautiful array of pixie hats you could hope to find.
Be sure to view her shop here!

Strawberry Cookie and White Chocolate earrings

In the time bitterSWEET12 has been on Etsy, she seems to have gathered herself quite a following!
As I write this, 321 users call bitterSWEET12 a favorite, and with very good reason!

Her stuff falls under the category of ridiculously cute.
"Jewelry so sweet...just looking will rot your teeth!" is her shop name, and it couldn't be more spot on.

I could post every single item of hers here, but I'll save that for when you look at her shop. For now, here are two of my favorites.

White Chocolate Studs

White chocolate is so under-represented! I'm personally a very big fan of the sweet. Give me a white chocolate bunny bought on clearance after Easter, or a white hot chocolate (perfected by Dunkin Donuts), and I'll be the happiest fat kid on the block.


Strawberry Filled Cookie Earrings

I don't have to tell you these are adorable; you have eyes! These delicious-looking earrings may have you (and anyone who sees them) craving something sinful. That amazing swirl of strawberry icing...those buttery-looking cookies...all topped off with little bows!
Absolute eye candy. Literally.

Doctor Whoo

I've only been active on Etsy for about nine days so far, but have found some of the cutest, most unique and fun items in my travels.

I haven't saved all of them, but hope to be able to bring more for your viewing pleasure as time goes on.

First up:

Doctor Whoo magnets by JooSweetie

As a Doctor Who fan, I just about squealed upon viewing these for the first time. And as time goes on, I just know I need them for my refrigerator.

JooSweetie has tons of fun and creative items for sale on her Etsy site.
Be sure to visit her shop here!


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