Thursday, January 14, 2010

Strawberry Cookie and White Chocolate earrings

In the time bitterSWEET12 has been on Etsy, she seems to have gathered herself quite a following!
As I write this, 321 users call bitterSWEET12 a favorite, and with very good reason!

Her stuff falls under the category of ridiculously cute.
"Jewelry so sweet...just looking will rot your teeth!" is her shop name, and it couldn't be more spot on.

I could post every single item of hers here, but I'll save that for when you look at her shop. For now, here are two of my favorites.

White Chocolate Studs

White chocolate is so under-represented! I'm personally a very big fan of the sweet. Give me a white chocolate bunny bought on clearance after Easter, or a white hot chocolate (perfected by Dunkin Donuts), and I'll be the happiest fat kid on the block.


Strawberry Filled Cookie Earrings

I don't have to tell you these are adorable; you have eyes! These delicious-looking earrings may have you (and anyone who sees them) craving something sinful. That amazing swirl of strawberry icing...those buttery-looking cookies...all topped off with little bows!
Absolute eye candy. Literally.

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